Interested in a Wholesale Deal Quick Buy Invest sent out?

What is a Wholesale Property Deal?

 Quick Buy deals are clean. There are no outstanding rates and taxes, levies or hidden costs.

The purchase price includes the purchase price, Quick Buy’s Wholesale fee. What it does not include is conveyancing and transfer duty costs

Details of the Deal


On the email there will be all necessary information to make an informed decision, such as:

  1. Property Address
  2. Photos
  3. Video
  4. Purchase Price of property (Includes Quick Buy Fee)
  5. Areas of property that might need attention

Your Due Diligence


It is your responsibility as a real estate investor to do your own due diligence on the property and determine your offer above the marketed purchase price. This is possible from what is provided in the email.

Viewing appointments are done with serious buyers who intend on making an offer. Under no circumstances is anyone to visit the property, the property may be occupied and to visit without an arranged appointment. To do so severs all relationship with Quick Buy and removes you from our list.

**Note** We review ALL offers and accept backup offers until guarantees in place.

So you can make money from this deal? – What are the Next Steps


  1. Make Offer to Quick Buy and have Sales manager approve it.
  2. Make Payment
  3. Sign contracts

++++++Transfer Starts+++++++


**Note – To ensure speed and ease of transaction all legals and conveyancing is done with Quick Buy’s conveyancer.