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Everyone agrees that education is the MOST  important aspect of success. And at the same time everyone knows that schools don’t teach you about money or how to make it other than the standard, “Go to School, Get a Job, and Save for Retirement”.

If money is one half of EVERY transaction you deal with in EVERY PART OF YOUR LIFE, is it not important to understand how money works and how not understanding your personal economy WILL LEAD TO POVERTY? Learning how to make money is crucial to everyone’s existence

So if schools and universities,friends and families don’t understand how money works…


Would it be rude to ask…

“How do YOU learn about money and investing?”

Play Cashflow 101 Board Game

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Developed by Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki

Gauteng Cashflow Club
Our first Cashflow Game

Robert Kiyosaki is a real estate investor, author and founder of the Rich Dad company. He and his wife Kim, built the Rich Dad company with the mission to “Elevate the financial well-being of humanity” and designed the Cashflow 101 board game to teach about money and how money works in creating wealth.

Board games simulate real life as close as possible. Which means you can practice investing using different strategies, see the benefits and those nasty consequences while not loosing any of your own money. Doing and simulating-in-practice are the best forms of learning as opposed to boring listening to lectures of those nasty sales pitches pretending to be two hour intro/education lessons.

The Cashflow 101 board game allows players to interact and learn from others’ while learning the rules of money (yes money has rules), all the while playing the game, learning and having fun.


Cashflow Creator investment game
Getting out the Rat Race is always an achievement

Fear the risks and possible loss investing?

Then come play the Cashflow Board Game!

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So what will you learn whilst playing;

Cashflow Creators deep in thought
  • What is Cashflow?
  • What are assets and liabilities?
  • How to create assets?
  • Why Assets are crucial to wealth?
  • What is your greatest asset?
  • What is ROI?
  • How to use ROI?
  • How money flows?
  • What and how to use an Income and Expense financial statement?
  • What and how to effieciently use a Balance sheet?
  • How to understand your investor identity?
  • What’s a freedom figure?
  • and more…


Also you’ll be around like minded people, asking questions, learning from each other and mostly having fun


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So abit about Gauteng Cashflow Club…

We’re Leon and Manjush and the leaders of Gauteng Cashflow Club and your local real estate investing firm Quick Buy Investments. We strongly believe you must practice what you teach. We buy property every week. And thought to share some of our experience, the good, bad, ugly and profitable with other like minded people.

We believe the Cashflow Game is the best way to share knowledge about money and investing and meet like minded people without being upsold on an expensive education programme.

Join Us.


About Gauteng Cashflow Club

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Learn Investing by playing Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Board Game.

The best way to learn is by “DO-ING”. But DOING involves uncertainty which has risks and might involve loss. Losing money is not fun. Doing can also be playing. Playing Cashflow 101 is a fun and easy way to learn investing. In the game you doing but with “Monopoly Money”.

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Disclaimer: We are not associated in anyway with Robert Kiyosaki and or the Rich Dad organisation. We do believe in their mission of elevating the financial well-being of humanity and hope this club is a small contribution to that goal.